Jason Rosenblatt

About Me

Hi, Im Coach Jason Rosenblatt.  I was born April 11th, 1982 in Atlanta, GA and life-long passion for fitness and nutrition.  I first became ISSA certified in 2008.  I started training at a studio in Sandy Springs and it did not take long for me to cultivate my own unique formula that incorporates bodybuilding, corrective exercise, and conditioning.  
Bodybuilding was my foundation and my personal hobby, so I was quite familiar with how to help my clients efficiently build lean muscle while burning fat.  After recovering from a major injury, I learned a lot about corrective exercise and the importance of posture and mobility.  I also started doing more calisthenics and bodyweight exercises as I became aware that weights/machines are not for everyone.  I also developed a fun and versatile outdoor training program for warmer weather days.  I truly enjoy working with people and making a positive impact.  My creativity, enthusiasm, and versatility are the characteristics that make me the best at what I do.  My 3 life goals were to fall in love/ get married, build the perfect home gym, and create cutting edge fitness products!

Those dreams are now my reality! I married the woman I loved since high school, who I was once too afraid to approach! We built an amazing basement gym with everything you could possibly want and need, and we work side by side all day, training our beloved clients.  And finally, I built a brand featuring products that I invented based on the needs of my clients!  I live by the motto “build it and they shall come!”

You can see and purchase these products at Squatharness.com